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      What do you think about hotel lighting

      2020-06-18 883

        As for many friends who are being suspended, the selection must also be the result of thinking. So today, Xiaobian will tell us what's special about crystal lights? How to choose? Then please follow the steps of Xiaobian to understand the crystal lamp purchasing skills and crystal lamp brand recommendation.

        Hotel lighting manufacturer

        1. Identify the brand to prevent the mistakes

        Most crystal lights on the market start at 1000 yuan. Crystal lamps of different brands are similar in appearance. It is worth noting that some illegal manufacturers only make appearance articles, they install excellent lamp beads in the center or clear place of the larger crystal lamp, and inferior in the inner layer or shade place of the lamp. In this way, from the appearance, they are similar to some famous lights. For their unusual appearance, people usually choose the ones with lower price.

        I don't know that those products are beyond gold and jade, which is a disgrace. For a long time, a variety of shortcomings have emerged. Therefore, people should polish their eyes and choose carefully. In order to ensure the quality of some famous crystal lights and let consumers buy real brands and worry about using them, some manufacturers will engrave brand marks on each crystal finish, so if you want to buy famous ones, you only need to carefully identify the brand marks when you buy them.

        2. The specifications of pendants are exquisite

        Whether the specifications of the pendant of the crystal lamp can not meet the requirements is seriously related. The reason why crystal lights can shine dazzling light and show gorgeous and noble temperament is that they all rely on a whole body of crystal string pendants. If the size and shape of the pendants are different, it will affect the display of the whole beauty of crystal lights. If the holes of some copied crystal pendants are not standardized, or there are sharp edges, abrasions and different sizes, they will not only affect their appearance, but also easily crack. If the pendants of crystal chandeliers fall from the ceiling, they will pose a threat to the safety of their families

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