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      Five key points in choosing hotel engineering lamps

      2020-06-18 907

        As far as hotels are concerned, the selection and demand of hotel lamps and lanterns are different from those in other occasions. Starting from the characteristics and needs of the hotel, there are several primary considerations, which are the key points we need to pay attention to when choosing the hotel lights.

        1 Safety

        The choice of hotel lamps and lanterns, the first need to consider the safety of the lamp structure, and then consider the beauty of lamps and lanterns and other soft installation coordination, is ultimately the price element. As the hotel lamps are generally customized lamps, especially in the lobby lamps, the lamps are large, the weight must be low, and the safety is considered.

        2 durability

        General high-grade hotels, about five years for a small innovation repair, about ten years for a large innovation repair. In other words, the life span of hotel lamps is less than 10 years or more, which can meet the requirements of high-grade hotels. Because the general small repair will not replace the lamps, the scale of human resources involved is too large. This means that in the selection of luminaires, where the luminaires are heated and pressed, including reflective cup cover, heat dissipation components and fixed (positioning) components, the quality is very important.

        3 flexibility

        The light source used in general high-grade hotels is about 2000-4000 hours old. Therefore, the lamp will need to replace many times of light source in 10 years. The number of lamps and lanterns in high-grade hotels is over 10000, so the replacement of light sources also involves a lot of human resources, so the flexibility of lamps and lanterns is another consideration. The ideal selection of lamps is that the light source can be loaded and unloaded without touching the fixed (positioning) components of lamps. In addition to saving replacement time, it also makes positive maintenance for interior decoration.

        4 details

        This includes all aspects of the hotel engineering lamp itself. Take the general ceiling downlight for example, the spray quality of its supporting cup (such as metal, how about the surface quality), the smoothness of the reflecting cup (such as the frosted reflecting cup, the uniformity of sand spraying), when the lighting equipment is in the ceiling, the joint tightness (whether there is light leakage) and other details of the ceiling surface (gypsum board / wood facing) should be noted. Besides lamps and lanterns, equipment workers (process) are also very important. In terms of decoration, we should make sure that lamps and lanterns are equipped with correct equipment methods.

        5. Projection index

        The glare effect of lamps, how to store the light source, the elasticity of the projection direction of lamps, and the expandability of accessories all affect the selection of lamps. Especially in terms of the expandability of accessories, it should be considered carefully, because most of the "projection point", "color / color correction", "glare prevention" and "accurate projection / Lighting" on the control of the projection index rely on these accessories to build the whole atmosphere.

        The high-level hotel is a place of wealth and elegance, but the wealth and elegance of the temperament is set off by the lighting, so the lighting is the greater hero in the hotel.

        Article source: Zhongshan Hotel lighting industry company http://www.ncnc.net.cn/


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