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      Zhongshan Hotel lighting industry Co., Ltd. tells us what should be paid attention to when choosing lighting

      2020-06-18 1549


        What should be paid attention to when choosing lighting safely?

        Pay attention to the protection against electric shock. The electric shock caused by lighting is generally caused by the use of non-conforming lamp holder or live parts of lighting without cover and other anti electric shock protection methods. The normal thing is to screw in the bulb when using. After the lighting is electrified, people should not touch the live parts.

        Pay attention to the cross-sectional area of the wire used for lighting top:

        When purchasing, you can see the symbol printed on the insulating layer outside the wire on the lighting. The sectional area of the wire should be at least 0.5mm/m2. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use only 0.2mm/m2 of conductor cross-sectional area on the products. In abnormal condition, it will scorch the wires and cause short circuit after the insulation layer is burnt out, resulting in risk.

        Safety selection of lighting: pay attention to the structure of lighting:

        (1) There shall be no sharp edge at the entrance and exit of the metal pipe through which the wire passes. The method can chamfer or add a sheath on the metal parts to prevent the wire from being cut and the metal parts are electrified, resulting in the risk of electric shock.

        (2) Table lamp, floor lamp and other movable lamps shall be equipped with wire fixing frame at the entrance of the power line, because 1. Stress relief, to prevent the wire on the terminal from falling when the wire is under tension, resulting in electric shock due to the charged metal shell; 2. To prevent the power line from touching the heating element when it is pushed back, to prevent the overheated wire from melting the insulation layer, and the exposed wire from contacting the metal shell, Electric shock caused by electrified shell.

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