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      Zhongshan Hotel lighting industry company teaches you how to maintain crystal lights

      2020-06-18 847

        Now in many hotels, organization lobbies, home furnishings and other places in the world, we can often see that it is a better choice for decoration and lighting of many occasions. Now many families in China also choose crystal lights to decorate their luxurious houses, which is a relatively valuable light accessories. When choosing to decorate crystal lights, we are also worried about the maintenance of crystal lights. How can we make it stick to the flash when it's just bought back?

        remove dust

        When removing dust, do not use a hairy brush, but use a soft cloth that does not contain fluff to wipe dust. Do not use force to prevent the crystal from being worn out. The cleaning method of crystal lighting can be chosen one by one. Here, it is better to use the new chemical fiber cloth, drain the water, then clean it, and then dry it with a towel with strong water absorption and no hair loss. If there is a stain that is not easy to wash off, you can cut the lemon or orange and wipe it off quietly.

        Crystal is relatively weak, pay attention to prevent falling, high temperature, strong alkali or strong acid; and often adhere to the ventilation of the room to prevent wetting. When moving the crystal, wear soft cotton gloves to prevent oil stains on your hands from infecting the crystal lamp. You can stick to the crystal ball or crystal piece for a long time.


        When wiping the crystal lamp accessories, the soft cloth should not be stained with water, especially alcohol water, so as to prevent damaging the protective film outside the plating layer and affecting the surface luster effect of the lamp holder, which will also affect the overall effect. If it is rusty, it can be replaced with new parts properly (note that imported crystal lamps are not easy to present such problems, while domestic ones may have a lower level).

        Scale washing

        If it is found that there is stubborn dirt, it can be cleaned with toothbrush and fire oil. Before cleaning, it is necessary to carefully remove each crystal, and then dip it into fire oil, and then gently wipe the crystal surface with toothbrush. After the dust gradually softens, it can be cleaned with washing powder.

        For crystal lamps with complex structure, the simpler way is to choose and buy professional cleaners. Just spray the cleaners on the crystal lamps, and the floating dust of crystal balls or crystal chips will be taken away with the transpiration of the liquid.

        Note: it is very important to remember to cut off the power supply before cleaning and maintaining the crystal lamp.

        Article source: Zhongshan Hotel lighting industry company http://www.ncnc.net.cn/


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